Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions have been frequently asked of Custom Maid. The answers have been provided for your convenience. However, if there is something that we have missed please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Who actually cleans my home?

A. We send One Maid, the Same Maid, time after time. We believe this policy provides the best service we can offer. Over time our clients develop a relationship with their maid which makes our clients more comfortable and helps the maid learn our clients specific needs.

Q. What do I have to provide?

A. Nothing! Custom Maid provides all the cleaning supplies and equipment. However, if you prefer to provide a favorite product, we will be happy to use it.

Q. Do I have to be home when you clean my home?

A. No, not if you don't want to. In fact, most of our customers prefer to have their homes cleaned while they are at work. Typically, our customers will issue us a key that we code and keep locked up safely. The choice is yours.

Q. How does your key coding system work?

A. Our Key Coding System enables a predictable and regular cleaning. Should you entrust us with a key to your home, we will protect your security. Your key will be identified by a number only; no name or address will be used. We keep the key in a locked case. The key is removed on your cleaning day, placed in a pouch in the maids book, returned after the cleaning and placed back in the locked case.

Q. Can I trust the maid you send to my home?

A. Consumers are becoming more aware of crimes involving service sector workers. We treat our employees as just that, employees. They are loyal and caring. They are the backbone of our organization and without them we would not have had the success we have had. The salary, benefits, and hours our employees work make working for our company very attractive. In addition to treating our employees well, we also check their backgrounds. We are also insured and bonded.

Q. What happens if one of your maid's is injured in my home?

A. Since we are a legitimate cleaning service, all of our employees are covered under our workers' compensation insurance. State law requires our employees to be compensated through the workers' compensation system. You can not be sued or held liable for any injury to our employees.

Q. Are your employees bonded and insured?

A. Yes. Our employees are not independents or subcontractors and are fully covered under our insurance and each maid is bonded.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning that was done?

A. We guarantee that "WE WILL DO THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, OR WE WILL MAKE THE NEEDED CORRECTIONS AT NO COST". If something is missed or not done to your satisfaction, we will either note your service report so it is taken care of on the next visit or we will send a team back to your home to correct the problem, YOUR CHOICE!

Q. How do I arrange for service?

A. Just contact us, we set up an appointment for a free in-home estimate. The estimate takes approximately 20 minutes. During which time the representative from our office will visit each room and explain the tasks that are normally completed. During the walk through your special requirements are noted so we can tailor a package precisely to your preferences. At the completion of the walk through a written estimate of the cleaning fees will be supplied and any questions answered.

Q. What if I only want a one time cleaning?

A. We are happy to do one time cleanings. Just contact our office to make arrangements.

Q. Will you be there when you say you will?

A. Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and reliability almost as much as our proficiency. Our computer-driven organizational methods and our management staff ensures that we will not let you down.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Simply leave a check on the kitchen counter before you leave home or pay the maid directly if you're at home.

Q. Do you clean Apartments?

A. Yes, with the same care and concern that we clean homes with.